3 Concept Eyes x Dot Edition


I love monochrome and I love polka dots! So you can imagine my excitement when 3 Concept Eyes brought out the ‘3 Concept eyes x Dot Edition.’

Take a look at these beauties! There are two sets of beautiful eyeshadows, lipsticks, handheld mirrors, pouches and nail stickers!


Seriously I worship the art director of 3 Concept Eyes. The editorial is just making me want to PURCHASE EVERYTHING!!!!! Oh my GUH! I love the simplicity and clean colours.


The makeup is FLAWLESS! I still haven’t written that many reviews of 3ce products. I’ve been using many since the summer and I love how natural they look on you. The photographs on the 3CE website are very accurate in terms of what to expect from the product. They’re just perfect!

And here’s a slightly glossy look! This model either has the most perfect skin or she is totally air brushed to perfection. I CAN’T TELL!



A close up of one of the eye shadow palettes!

Showing off the nail foils!



You want all this new stuff don’t you? I know I do!



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