A Style For You English subs are out!


 A Style For You

KBS World have released the first episode of ‘A Style For You’. It’s a Fashion Style show which is hosted by Heechul, Hara, Bora and Hani.

I watched ‘A Style For You’ last night and it’s not what I was expecting! I was thinking it was going to be something like ‘Get It Beauty’ where you had a lot more tutorial based content. However the concept of the first episode of A Style For You was more like a challenge for the mcs whereby they all had to live a week without their stylists and see what kind of outfits they could come out with by themselves.

I liked they they weren’t chosen because they are well established fashionistas already! In fact, it seems like they were poked fun of because of their lack of sense (except maybe Heechul even though he wears weird clothes, he seems to pull it off).

For you beauty nuts, Hani also did her makeup herself. She really has the most perfect skin! It didn’t look like she put much on to begin with.

Anyway take a look at the first episode for ‘A Style For You’ below!

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2 thoughts on “A Style For You English subs are out!”

  1. I watched the 1st episode yesterday and realized that Heechul must have been my inspiration while shopping clothes past year. 60% of the clothes I’ve bought are flower printed…. 😀

    One thing that was funny during Hani’s self makeup is that her face seemed SOOO GREY compared to rest of her body. Then on different lighting/angle/camera it seemed normal. I wonder why is that. It seemed so unhealthy looking.

  2. Haha Heechul is amazing because he pulls off everything so well. 😀 I don’t blame you for being influenced hehe! flower prints are awesome.

    Hana – I think I need to rewatch her part again. I know there are some bb creams that look grey when you first put them on and then they sort of naturalize (don’t know why!). it could be that! Although it reminds me, sometimes you see Hollywood stars who are photographed looking ghastly …due to the cameras – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2628771/After-Nicole-Kidman-Angelina-Jolies-make-fails-10-celebrity-blunders.html

    I think it’s probably due to the lighting she did her makeup in first! Sometimes if I work in light that is too dark, my makeup ends up looking SO pale in natural light!

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