I’m Su.


I’ve been a blogger for many many years, blogging in various shapes and forms. I did an editorial internship a couple of years ago, writing for a women’s magazine! It was great fun and I wanted to keep up with the writing so I set up this blog.

About ten years ago, I discovered Korean and Japanese dramas. It was the first time I could watch an Asian character on screen without thinking about stupid stereotypes and worrying about what they represented (I’m a British Born Chinese).

After that, I started to look more closely at things like clothes and particularly beauty! Growing up, I found that UK magazines had never been particularly useful for me. As I got more exposed to more Asians in the media, I found inspiration in what I saw!

And thus this site was born to document the my continued adventures discovering Asia – its music, fashion and style.


– I like taking photographs and illustrating :heartbeat: designing and learning about fashion design!

– I’m also learning Chinese! I love languages.

– I like investigating nifty makeup and beauty products and buying clothes. *sheepish grin*. I also love listening to Kpop and if you couldn’t already tell – I am also an avid variety show and drama watcher.



Everything I have reviewed on this site, I bought myself because I’m a shopaholic and very materialistic! All opinions are my own. If I do ever receive anything for review I will most definitely flag this up!

If you have a product that you would like me to review please send me an email at hummingdaze@gmail.com and I will come back to you as soon as I can. Please note that I can only review things that are suitable for my blog.



Please note all images and content by me are not within the public domain. So please note that all you may not alter, publish or otherwise use any images or text on this site in any manner without written permission.

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