Arpakasso: Adorable Alpaca Plushies!!


Arpakasso’s must be the next big thing in all things plushie.

This is coming from someone who doesn’t even collect plushies but I was completely enamoured with these alpaca cuddlies. They were being sold absolutely everywhere at the most recent Hyper Japan event in London.


I really tried to resist them but every time I saw someone cuddling one under their arm, I felt a little pang and an irresistible pull towards the stalls again. I just knew I was going to cave in eventually sspecially when I started touching it. It was so soft! (and I did end up carting away a small fluffy white one!)

So what are these llamas? I had a quick google and they are called Arpakasso or Alpacasso. I couldn’t find that much into them or if they are some phenomenon. They seem very popular though and have some tumblrs dedicated to them┬áso check them out!

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