Balmain Paris Silk Perfume Review


Silky Scents – Balmain Paris  Silk Perfume Review

Who knew that Balmain also had a hair care product line? Not me! I found this unassuming bottle of Balmain Paris Silk Perfume hiding away in a corner of Topshop.

I’ve got to admit it was such an impulse buy. I wouldn’t normally spend £24.50 on something like this BUT the scent just lured me in and I became intoxicated with the idea of misting this divine smell in my hair in the mornings.

Balmain Paris Silk Perfume has notes of argan oil and jojoba. If you don’t know what they smell like, I would say this scent reminds me of vanilla!


The Balmain Paris Silk Perfume not only mists your hair with a wonderful scent, it also works on repairing damaged hair and adding a sleek shine. I really did notice a difference after a couple of days use. I think the hair absorbs the oil during the day and this keeps the hair looking glossy (without looking too greasy!).

One negative of this item – I find the bottle hard to use. Ideally, I want to use just one finger to push the spray nozzle down whilst holding the bottle, however I always find I need to use two fingers to actually get anything out.

Tips – Definitely follow the instructions and spritz this perfume at least 25/30 cm away from your hair. I made the mistake of applying this too close  (due to the stiff spray nozzle) and it made the hair look very greasy because I had sprayed it in a concentrated area.

On the whole I really like using Balmain Silk Perfume in between the days where I don’t wash my hair! It smells lovely and really does what it promises – leaving me with silky and shiny hair!

You can order it from the official Balmain website or pop down to Topshop in Oxford Street

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