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I’ve always been more of a cake foundation user as my skin normally cannot cope with liquid foundations. However I really wanted the smooth coverage that a liquid foundation can offer! BB creams seem to be the answer to my problems.

I’ve bought several BB creams in the past year. My favourite so far has to be Skin Food’s Peach Sake! For one thing it doesn’t break out my combination skin and the colour blends really well with my skin. I find myself always going back to it for my daily use.

Another great thing about this product is a little goes a really long way! I only use it to dab over my pigmented areas of my skin. It leaves it looking smooth and blemish free! I use it in conjunction with my Skin79 powder compact to blot out the oil. It seems the perfect combination for my skin right now. I don’t get zits anymore so I don’t really want to mess with it now with new products!

A word of warning: The applicator of the bottle is not designed very well. By that I mean that you may find you have to pump a lot before any liquid will come out. I bought this in Megamall in KL. The assistant opened it up for me and started pumping it to check there was anything in it. I thought that was okay. I didn’t want to buy something with nothing in it! However without warning the liquid just spurted out. So much was wasted! I hadn’t even used it yet so I was a little annoyed. Perhaps the newer versions have a better system .

What I tend to do at home is stand the bottle on its head and press REALLY gently so only a tiny drop comes out. So nothing is wasted from excessive pumping!

Having said all that, I haven’t even replaced the first bottle I bought yet and that was last year! It lasts a long time for me and I find that  a very good beauty investment.

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