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Check out Innisfree’s Official Instagram

I absolutely love a good instagram! I usually find makeup instagram photos to be rather bland (maybe I’m not following enough) however I recently found Innisfree’s official account and I’ve got to say they’ve got some gorgeous photos.

I like that it doesn’t seem like they are posting images with the sole mission to sell us beauty products. The images are so homely, warm and rustic! As expected from Innisfree, their theme is focused on the natural!

See the products are there but they’re not even mentioned! I guess it’s about making you subconsciously feel that you too could live a lovely simple life 😀 with your innisfree cc cushion compact, curled up with a book and eating oranges,

And of course the instagram account is not complete without an appearance from Lee Minho and Yoona!

And I’ll end it with this image!

For more lovely images, you can follow the Official Innisfree Instagram account here.

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