Yes! Bigbang is back with Bigbang Made Tour


I’ve been complaining about the lack of updates from Bigbang. It’s been 3 years already!

However it seems like it has been worth the wait! Look at this amazing teaser which announces the Bigbang Made Tour. It’s so cinematic and cool. When it comes to promos, they just blow everyone else out of the water.

The instrumental of this trailer was also composed by GD. The beat is just so awesome. I hope it makes it onto a full track!

I’m really trying my hardest not to listen to leaked songs until May 1st….it’s really ridiculously hard though!

I do however seek comfort in the fact that Top finally joined instagram. For someone who says he has an aversion to social media,he has a funny way of showing it.

It’s been one week since he joined and he’s racked up a total of 144 posts and counting. I wouldn’t normally accept spammers on my list but I have to say his instagram is really enjoyable. It’s a good mix of humour, selfies and great art and design!

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His captions!

Not vain!

Love this artwork. I’m actually learning about new cool Asian artists from him too! Always good to know.

I also like how he’s raising awareness of Asian art in general. He recently curated an art exhibition in Singapore which showcases new Asian talent!

I also remember hearing something about him possibly exhibiting one of his chairs for the Saatchi Gallery in November (if it’s true! I’m going be trying to sit in that thing when it comes to London! lol)

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