Bigbang We Like To Party and Bang Bang Bang Review


I still can’t get over how ON TIME these Bigbang releases are coming out. It seems way too good to be true!

So let’s get on with my Bigbang We Like To Party Review

When I heard the title ‘We Like To Party’ I was expecting this tune to be Fantastic Baby No.2. Something glossy, hyper beats, crazy fashion and outrageous hair.

However as you can see from the mv, it’s the complete opposite! This is a stripped down, back to basics tune. I adore these kinds of poppy summery tunes. They’re cute, cheery and put you in a good mood. I just wasn’t expecting this from Bigbang at all. It seems so far removed from that excessive image that I’ve become accustomed to and that’s the beauty of the song and the mv. It’s pure simple fun!

I can totally imagine this being a crowd pleaser during the encore of the MADE TOUR.

Ugh why am I torturing myself? I’m still hoping they announce a European date. I want to be there so badly!

Bigbang Bang Bang Bang Review

For all intents and purposes, I was not going to review Bang Bang Bang.

When it got to G-Dragon’s part my heart just SANK with disappointment. The song lost all its momentum in an instant and felt like a GD solo. There isn’t anything inherently negative about GD’s solos by the way but that section just grated with me. It felt so out of place.

BUT SOMETHING HAPPENED….the more I listened to the song, the more I started to enjoy it. WHY? I don’t actually understand myself. There is no getting over it. This is a disjointed song; but there are really parts of brilliance.

I love all the build up with Taeyang, Daesung and  Seungri laying out the journey of the song at the start and Top’s dependable solid rapping to carry it forward. Small things like ‘Ready or not..we don’t give a…BWAAAA.’ (or whatever they’re saying). It’s kind of football anthemy too. I can imagine the crowd going hyper and joining in at the chants!

My negative point is GD’s heavy influence on the sound. I know he’s a skilled writer but I think hopefully he can remember this band is not ‘GD and the boys.’ It’s ‘Bigbang.’

I think there’s still hope for Bang Bang Bang. I used to dislike Fantastic Baby but suddenly one day it became THE SONG that I had to see performed live at least once in my life. Not to mention there are songs that actually work a lot better live and I think Bang Bang Bang may be one of them. I know there were a couple of Bigbang songs that I did not appreciate until I saw them live such as ‘Stupid Lair’.

So just in case, I’m going to leave this here. I think a few more listens of BANG BANG BANG and it may just completely own me. 

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4 thoughts on “Bigbang We Like To Party and Bang Bang Bang Review”

  1. ahh thank you for the review!! I’m somehow so slow to discover new kpop songs haha :”) *being so grateful to u right now*

  2. I think the reason why you thought Bang Bang Bang sounded a bit like a GD solo is because his rap was in the middle of the song. For the past few albums, GD usually rapped first, then TOP would rap later on. For Bang Bang Bang, I was surprised when TOP rapped before GD because this rarely ever happens.

    I think that GD and Teddy made the right choice for this song because if TOP and GD flipped, the sound would have been really off. But, I think you are and a lot of people are correct in saying that GD’s sound is somewhat different in this sound, which is why I think GD usually does the lead rap and then has TOP do the main rap.

    I think it was a bit harsh when you said that GD needs to remember that it’s not “GD and the boys.” I think he does a great job of making sure each member shines in each and every song. The songs he writes and produces for Bigbang and for individual members shows that he does respect each member and take their talents into account. Even with Bang Bang Bang, each member has individual sections where they shine and are in the spotlight. This was obviously a song created for Bigbang, and not for himself.

    Sorry for the long post! I hope I didn’t sound too harsh or defensive here! I just wanted to point out that the rap order was unique for this song, which made a huge difference. GD is not one of my favorite members of Bigbang, but I highly respect what he has done for Bigbang. I think the fact that Bigbang is still together shows how much each member respects and cares for each other. While all of them try to succeed in their own areas, they don’t do so at the expense of Bigbang as a group or of each of their members.

    Anyways, I love your blog, and I hope you can post more often! I I visit quite often, and I would love to read your posts more frequently.


  3. hi Eileen, I wrote this comment to you whilst I was on the train and it got deleted accidentally when the train jolted! I was so sad! So I’m kinda paraphrasing what I’ve already said!!!

    I have to say I’m not observant enough to notice the rap order and it’s not something that I felt personally made the difference to me (since I don’t notice it anyway!?). If you get what I mean!

    The thing that jarred me was the drop in the song. It has all this build up and then gd’s part comes in and it sounds like a different song. I should say this is only my first knee jerk reaction and admittedly, I think my phrasing was rubbish and should have said it better! I’m throwing a little shade on Gd but not to a great extent that he’s being selfish etc. more like a ‘oh this is a Gd sound’. I just felt like it didn’t fit. Thinking about it though, GD gives his input to the songs so it’s only natural it’s going to happen. i guess it’s because…I haven’t liked some of GD’s new songs as much as his old ones. So I’m not so appreciative of his new sound influences.

    That said….This is actually pretty minor because I’m addressing a really really short section of the song …the bang bang bang section….. It’s not his whole part. E.g. when you get to gd’s next rapping style where he says ‘we go hard…..’ That bit is really great! And I think it fits sooo much better in the song.

    But anyway it turns out since writing my review (I wrote it a couple of days ago)………..I actually have grown to really really seriously love this song!!! Even that part which I was moaning about. I don’t mind as much. Don’t ask me how my brain works. LOL It usually happens with all my music reviews…I hate a song and then one day I love it! I think that’s why I don’t really review music things so quickly (or I never review things) because I change my mind later.

    I think Bang bang bang actually follows a similar song structure to Fantastic Baby…big build up…DROP….BAM…. I wasn’t keen on Fantastic Baby for a while but it got to me eventually!

    And pleeeease don’t worry about long comments! i love them and it doesn’t matter if we have a difference of opinion. It’s a lot more interesting and makes me reflect on things I’ve said!!!! I’m really glad you enjoy my blog too. I usually think about 3 people are reading it! So it’s nice to know there’s one more.

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