CL for Maybelline New York rocks bold lips!


Yes it’s CL for Maybelline New York’s Latest campaign.

I was really excited to hear that CL would be promoting for Maybelline if only to get a few more ideas on how to apply makeup on my pesky monolids! However I don’t particularly think this campaign is doing anything remotely different to how CL normally wears her eye makeup. It’s pretty but it’s not exactly ground breaking.

I would also say for want of a better word, it is not practical for your average girl who has to go to work! It’s so heavy. That said, the main feature is not the eyes but the lips so it works really well for this editorial and obviously this is CL! She’s an idol, she can pull it off!

I’m not sure what the perception of Maybelline is in Korea but to be honest I haven’t touched a Maybelline product for years! I have fond memories of it being one of the first makeup brands I experimented with when I first started wearing makeup as a teen (oh the good old days!). I think the Great Lash Mascara was the first mascara that I used. I’ve since moved on but I think having CL as Maybelline’s figurehead is a good move for them. She brings the right amount of sassyness and cool and reinvigorates the perception I have of the brand.

Take a look at the editorial!

I’ve always wanted to rock red lipstick during the daytime! I still haven’t quite been able to graduate to that level.

Maybe she’s born with it! CL for Maybelline New York

I don’t really see many people wearing fuschia. It seems to be more of an on trend colour but let’s see what happens on the streets.

Check out CL for Maybelline at the official Korean website.


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