Masquerade! Painted faces on parade – Cutie Black Eye Masks


Cutie Black Eye masks

Just something I spotted recently, how cute are these masquerade eye masks? Whilst they would not look out of place at a costume party, they actually work like your regular eye masks – they soothe and moisturise the delicate eye area whilst reducing puffiness and dark circles!

What an excellent idea! Honestly, I get so many strange looks when I wear my regular sheet masks I might as well don a super hero mask and make a bigger statement!

Unfortunately I do not have much information on the cutie black eye masks other than that they’re made by a Japanese brand called Prestige and that you can buy them off ebay.

If I ever get my hands on some, I’ll definitely let you know how they are! I imagine they’d be an awesome addition to any girly slumber party!

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