On the box: Cyborg She


Over the years I’ve seen so many posters of ‘Cyborg She’ around. It has even been recommended to me. Still it has taken me ages to watch it! Mainly because I don’t like watching sad movies and the poster looks like there’s some kind of impending tragedy.

I mean look at it! She is a cyborg. He looks in love – how is this going to have a happy ending?

Cyborg She

At least that is what it looks like to me. I couldn’t finish that Kame drama with Ayase Haruka either because I thought the credits made it look like they were going to die in the end! (I don’t think they did!).

Plot in a nutshell: Man meets a robot!

Anyway with regards to Cyborg She! I LOVED this movie. I think it had just the right amounts of everything I could want. The beginning was cute, got a bit twisty, there’s time travel, love, great actors e.t.c.

I really was not in the mood for crying either but this movie makes you want to cry too (maybe shed some happy tears too).  I found out the director/writer is the same guy who wrote My Sassy Girlwhich would explain why it felt like a Korean movie and was a blubfest at times. It’s definitely not a sad movie though!

The stars

The leading actor is Keisuke Koide. He’s one of those actors who seems to just blend into every character he is! I think I have seen him in so many things but I never recognize him. Every time I start remembering who he is and where I first saw him, my mind boggles!!! He’s Masumi in Nodame Cantabile!!!

Our leading lady is Ayase Haruka and I have loved everything I’ve seen her in. Every time I watch her, I always think ‘now this girl really act!’. 


Anyway if you’re looking for a nice sweet movie to watch on a Sunday evening, try Cyborg She!

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