Smart play! Etude House with Dara and Shinee


Dara and Shinee’s Kiss Note

I had been reminiscing about how great Dara was for Etude House! And was reminded of the time when Dara and Shinee were promoting for Etude House

I have always thought it was weird that kpop boy bands would advertise for an obviously female brand. Yes, that was before I got into Kpop and did not understand the spending ways of a fangirl. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense. Etude House had the perfect marketing tool by using Dara as the face and then Shinee to lure in the rest of the fangirls!

Yes you too can be Dara! Wear the makeup and you can have guys like Shinee chasing after you!

Dara and Shinee

They are werking the pink! This is basically my excuse to post a lot of pink related images.


Dara and Shinee

Here’s the commercial which starred Dara and Shinee! It’s titled KISS NOTE. Wear the lipstick and write the name of the person you like! And they will fall for you.

I really want to see Dara in a fluffy romantic drama!!!! YG release her from the basement of doom.

Here’s clips from Behind the scenes!

Looking at the images now, I think it was totally right that she move on to a more mature brand!

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That’s not to say that she needs to grow up! 😀 Just because you’re nearing your 30s or are in your 30s doesn’t mean you get boring!

I quite enjoyed that sojourn into old adverts of Dara and Shinee! I will dig up some other brands and celebrities for future posts.

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