Make up: Dara on Get it Beauty


Dara’s has been on Get it Beauty! Why? This time she is showing off CLIO’s new lipgloss ‘Lipnicure’ which comes in a series of popping hot colours.

I’m not really someone who wears lipstick but lately I’ve been wanting to try wearing a bold red colour. This new product from CLIO seems perfect since it comes in the shape of a lip gloss Somehow I find gloss less intimidating! Maybe it’s because I’ve been wearing gloss since I was a teen. It was my first foray into makeup and I never quite left it!

Dara is appearing on Korean makeup show ‘Get it Beauty’ and showing you how to apply it! I think it looks great. I’d love to see the entire palette from Clio.

Next time I’m in Malaysia or SG, I’m going hunt for it!

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