Ebay Korean Beauty Haul


My latest beauty haul

Normally I buy my beauty stuff if I’m out in Malaysia/Singapore do a complete splurge on gmarket.

You would think gmarket is cheaper since they are Korean prices however the shipping is pretty expensive and I do find that the way they pack packages is beyond ridiculous sometimes. I’ve ordered very small items from gmarket and they have come in really BIG BOXES. It’s such a waste of money and also packaging (trying to reduce my carbon footprint when I can! How to be a beauty addict and also be kind to the environment? that’s another resolution!)

So this is the first time I’ve tried buying beauty products off ebay! Check out my latest beauty haul.

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Love eBay! ?

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Innisfree’s green tea balancing cream

My regular moisturising cream is Super Aqua Max Watery Cream by Nature Republic. Love it but it’s not enough for the winter so I decided I would try Innisfree’s green tea cream!

Tony moly’s sleek mist pocket bunny

Frankly I’m obsessed with facial mists now. I obviously have room for even more! I’m not going to lie, I bought it because the bottle is SO CUTE. Whether this stands as a facial mist is another thing. It’s also great for the environment. Why? Well the bottle is a screw cap so that means you can reuse the bottle and put anything you want inside it afterwards. If you are interested check out my affiliate link for the Tony Moly Pocket bunny.

The Faceshop’s Rice Water Bright Cleansing foam

I’ve almost finished my raspberry cleansing foam from the Face shop and decided I wanted to try out another cleansing foam from their rice water bright line.

Will let you know how this beauty haul fares!


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2 thoughts on “Ebay Korean Beauty Haul”

  1. the bunny mist is really cute that I always stay away from tony moly store just not to get it. gmarket’s packing is wasteful, big box for few items which made me pay a lot for shipping

  2. Yes! I’m going to stick to ebay now for items! I always tended to bulk buy gmarket things which makes me spend even more money!

    I’ve never set foot in a tony moly store!! (would like too). All their packaging is so cute!

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