Etude House face blur & play nails


Etude House Korea has a few new things (at least to me) launched on their website!

Etude House Face Blur

The first product that was taking my fancy was Etude house face blur! It’s supposed to give you the effect of flawless photo shopped skin so your skin is left looking smooth and pore free.



I found a Korean blogger who has reviewed it and she has posted photographs so you can see the results. It seems she used both the precious mineral any cushion together with the face blur – the results seem pretty good! I’d be interested in trying it out.

EDITED: 27.01.15 – I have now purchased and reviewed Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur. You can read my review here.

Here’s Etude House’s Face Blur commercial.

It seems you too can nab a random CEO too with the help of etude house face blur!

Etude Play Nails

They have some seriously pretty new nail polishes which have various sparkly shapes in them. Take a look here.


Don’t they give the illusion of nail art? I love nail polishes like this because no matter how much you mess up your nails, they still look good. However they are such a pain in the butt to remove.

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