Etude House Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Mist Review


Cool down with Etude House Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Mist

My motto for 2014 seems to be ‘there’s always room for one more facial mist.’ Since purchasing the Shu Umera Depsea Water mist  I’ve become pretty obsessed with trying out all kinds of facial mists! They’re perfect for freshening yourself up during the day, setting makeup and cooling yourself down when you need it most!

So here I am with another impulsive Gmarket buy! This time it is the Etude House Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Mist. If I’m honest, I bought this because I really like the colours of the packaging. Yes, I’m the type that judges books by covers.

What’s it for?

It’s an aqua cooling mist which keeps your skin hydrated when you need it. It also is extremely cooling to the skin! Perfect for spritzing yourself on hot sweltering days like when you’re stuck in a train carriage which has no AIR CON! (I’m looking at you British rail!)


What’s in it?

Each bottle contains 150ml of the ice shot cooling mist! Now here’s the glam or not so glam part depending on whether you are Canadian! It contains Canadian ice water. Yes folks! You can spray unpolluted glacial water on your face.

It also contains something which Etude house calls ‘magic water drop’. Sometimes I hate press-releasy flowery descriptions of products! What does that even mean? Well this is essentially water soluble vitamins infused in the mist which provides moisture and also whitening if you care for that kind of stuff!


This spray has certainly saved me on days where the weather has been too hot for me! Whether it’s on my face or my legs, I could feel a noticeable cooling effect which does linger on the skin for a while. It’s enough to feel some relief on hot days.

What I like about this product – the nozzle of the spray creates a very soft and fine mist which feels lovely. I did find that if you did not shake the can enough, the mist wasn’t properly dissolved. You would be able to see some large white droplets on your skin. I didn’t really find it too troublesome because it was not often and you can pat it away with a cotton pad if necessary.

Some negatives -the spray is a can, so unfortunately this is not packaging you can reuse! In addition the can is 18 cm tall so you do get a lot for your money but I would think twice before putting it in my handbag! It is quite big. I tend to leave this one at home and use a smaller one during the day.

All in all, this was my favourite facial mist to use while in Malaysia. I used it to set my make up as my last step! And the cooling effect on the skin enabled me to feel even fresher when I needed it.

So that’s a two thumbs up for Etude House Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Mist!

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