Review: Missing U Project by Etude House


I just wanted to share these adorable MISSING U hand creams from the pinkist beauty boutique I have ever laid my eyes on – Etude House!



I bought these when I was in Singapore a while ago. They were from a series of hand creams with very cute bee designs. I was drawn into the vortex of infinite cuteness and thinking about how lovely they would look when I carted them around in my handbag.

I shamefully didn’t actually read the box it was packaged in.

Having done my research on the MISSING U hand creams, I found out that this is a special project to help support endangered animals. A beauty product with a conscious! I love that.

The BEE designs were part of the ‘Missing U, Bee Happy‘ project with proceeds of the sales going to UNEP to help bees around the world!

What’s wrong with the bees?

Did you know that bees are getting disorientated because of electromagnetic radiation from our phones e.t.c? The worker bees can’t find their way back to their homes, making it difficult to feed the Queen Bee and the baby bees. The bee population is declining! That’s bad because bees help to pollinate flowers! You get the drill, it will snowball from there.

At the moment Etude House are now supporting endangered birds! I haven’t seen much info on the campaign but I will fully support it when I can get myself to an Etude House!

But what about the hand cream?

As far as the hand cream goes, I think it’s a decent cream as you don’t need a lot for your hands to feel moisturised. There’s not a lot of product though so that might be a problem for some people but in all honesty the packaging is so cute, handbag friendly and it’s for a great cause! There’s really no harm in owning a couple of these. Just looking at them puts a smile on my face.

If you are interested please check out my affiliate link at LunaTU which is selling them.

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