Furukawa Yuki – How old is he again?


Furukawa Yuki has the best English skills I had ever heard in a jdrama. He stars in the latest jdrama ‘Itazura Na Kiss’ (It started with a kiss).

I was intrigued by his linguistic ability and had a quick google. It turns out he was schooled in the US before returning to Japan. That’s all fine and dandy but what made me completely choke on my breakfast is that he is 26!!

How is Furukawa Yuki 26?

That is the face of someone…who is not 26!

furukawa yuki

He must have scarified a lot of lambs and fed on the blood of virgins! I was so surprised. Another google search reveals that Miki Honoka is about ten years younger than him! However Yuki is so believable as a school boy that I do not even think about the age gap.

furukawa yuki

At least it’s not like The OC where it was very clear that those actors weren’t teens! Anyway I’ll be back later when I marathon a few episodes of Itazura Na Kiss. I’ve heard good things about this drama. I’m just hoping it’s better than the Korean version.


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