GD World Tour! MALAYSIA FANS!!!! HEADS UP NOW!!!! early tickets!!!!


GUYS!!!!!! I’m giving you a heads up if you’re in Malaysia now and want to go see GD’s concert in KL on 22nd June! So right now some fans are queuing up at fahrenheit88 in KL today (have been queuing up since two days ago). I was getting ready for later and preparing all my info that I’d need to input ready for the online sales which start at 2pm Malaysia time. So I checked out one of the official sellers!

SOMEHOW I managed to buy rockpit tickets early!!! I AM NOT KIDDING ! I don’t know whether it’s a blip on their website but I put all my payment details and was sent a confirmation with pdf ticket. I’m not joking. I hope it’s not a joke!

So anyone who can’t get to KL and happy not sitting in the VIP area! Please check out! Ignore that message about tickets being on sale at 2pm e.t.c. Click the ‘buy now’ sign and then check out the seating and then you will get options to select. You can’t buy VIP but rockpit is available!! What are you waiting for????? GO GO GO!!!!!

GD World Tour Malaysia ticket prices

  • Cat 1 (VIP): RM 588 [With Complimentary Autographed Poster]
  • (VIP tickets can only be purchased at fahrenheit88 on 11 May. All remaining VIP tickets will be sold via Redtix and Ticketcharge channels from 12 May onwards.)
  • Cat 2 (Premier Rockpit): RM 488
  • Cat 3 (Fixed-by-row Seating): RM 388
  • Cat 4 (Free Standing): RM 188 (Only sold via Redtix)

I actually really wanted VIP tickets but I think they’ll be scarce!!!


I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also hoping for some big guests too. I would probably be asking for way too much to have 2NE1 and Bigbang there too! (it’s ok to dream though right?).

It’s proving really difficult to avoid fancams but I’m going to try so I can be surprised at the show! It’s always more fun that way.

Start making a playlist and get ready for the show! These are the songs that GD sings! He may mix them up by the end of the tour but as it stands, this is pretty much his set list.

GD World Tour Set list

Part 1

  1. “MichiGO”
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. “One of a Kind”
  4. “Light It Up (with Tablo)
  5. “The Leaders” (with CL)
  6. Butterfly
  7. “Missing You”
  8. That XX
  9. “Without You”
  10. “Today”
  11. A Boy

Part 2

  1. This Love
  2. “1 Year Station
  3. “Obsession
  4. “She’s Gone”
  5. “Crayon” and “Fantastic Baby2

Encore 1

  1. Breathe
  2. “Bad Boy”

Encore 2

  1. “MichiGO”

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