Kpop Concert Survival 101 Part 3 – a guide to kpop concerts


Guide to kpop concerts

Here’s part 3 to my series of Kpop concert survival! A few more random tips for attending the concert. My guide to kpop concerts…

  • If you are going to a concert which is headed by an Asian artist, you MUST buy a light stick! Whether you preorder before or buy at the venue is up to you but don’t skimp out on the light stick because it’s really fun to wave it in the concert. I didn’t think it was important at all but I was sat next to a girl who didn’t have one. Boy, what was she going to do at the concert? It’s not fun waving your hand that doesn’t glow! Seriously buy a light stick and become one with the rest of the crowd. Your light will add to the beauty! It’s not a waste of money. That light stick will also act as a very cool torch when you can’t find your normal one.
  • Be courteous to your fellow fans! Things like keeping your fan signs at chest height, don’t wave them above your head so you block the view of your fellow fan behind you. Be kind.
  • It’s not the most important thing when you go to a concert but if you really want fanservice – make sure your favourites know that you are their fan. Make a little fansign to wave! If they see you, they’ll probably more than likely pay attention to you if they know you like them.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected. You’ve probably build up an idea of how the night at the concert is going to be, but there are so many things that you can’t plan like the queues or where you are going to end up if you’re in the standing pit, or what happens if the queue moves while you’re in the toilet (yes that happened to me!!!).
  • Cameras. Yes you know you shouldn’t bring one but EVERYONE ALWAYS DOES. I would not bring a big SLR camera. There are plenty of small compact camera that have amazing zooms now. You can travel light, be discreet and get lovely photographs at the same time.
  • Having said that, why spend the whole concert looking through a lens when you have your favourite band live in front of you? I made a rule for myself, if idols were far away from me, then I would snap a photo. If I could see my lens was blurred or not capturing anything good, I’d switch off. If I was really into the music, I’d dance regardless of a shaky camera. There’s no point sacrificing enjoyment of the show for a blurry photo! Look with your own eyes as much as you can.
  • Sound checks. I don’t know if this is just a YG thing. Sound checks are literally sound checks for the band to see how things sound (well duh!). They are quite short and last about 20 minutes. I did think they were worth the money because it is a mini concert where you are very close, not that many people and it has a more relaxed atmosphere.

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