Review: Get a pretty pout with Heavy Rotation Pure Colour Gloss


Heavy Rotation Pure Colour Gloss is my favourite lip gloss at the moment!



Why do I like Heavy Rotation Pure Colour Gloss?

I ┬álove the wide sponge applicator which allows for a smooth and even application when applied. Sometimes you find that the sponge wears down after using it many times, but heavy rotation’s applicator has remained consistent! I really like it.

Secondly all the colours come in a variety of natural pretty pinks! It also has some glitter in the gloss but it’s not an overbearing amount! In fact I didn’t even realise there was glitter until I look photographed it today.

But it’s good to have a little glimmer in your gloss! It means that light will catch it and give your lips a subtle sparkle and shimmer.

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