Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Review


Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder

 I have a very oily t zone and I can’t walk out the door without needing to pat my skin with some powder to lessen the shine on my face. With regards to brands, there are a few which I trust without feeling the need to google reviews. One of them being Herione makeup. So I bought the heroine make smooth cover powder as my emergency compact.

Here you can see it comes in a sleek black plastic compact and a soft sponge.

Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder

There are two shades available. I chose the slightly darker one 02 in natural beige. I do not have dark skin but the fairest shade was far too white! Unfortunately I still find natural beige is very white on my skin, so I would recommend using this powder if you use bronzer or want that very white look.

Here is a shot of my skin. The top photo is my skin with nothing on! And then bottom is when I added the smooth cover powder.I do find there is a slightly white cast.

Herione Make Smooth Cover Powder

The powder is said to cover uneven skin tone, absorb excess sebum and is water repellent (caused by sweat e.t.c)

In terms of oil control, I think powder holds well on my cheeks because it is less oily than other areas of my face. However I have yet to find a powder which can keep my nose looking matte all day. The powder on my nose starts looking patchy after a couple of hours and leaves quite a dewy shine. For super oily skin, you will definitely need to touch up after a couple of hours.

I think it’s a nice compact but the colour is not right for me. I will continue to use as an emergency compact to reduce shine if there’s nothing else available.

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