Holika Holika Face 2 Change CC Cream Review


Holika Holika Face 2 Change CC Cream

As much as I would like to say I keep up with all the latest beauty trends, the one item that I’ve been slow to take up is the CC cream!

For the uninitiated, the CC in CC creams stands for colour correcting! So if you have a multitude of tones to your skin (maybe you’re a little red in the face or perhaps you’re like me and your forehead is more tanned than the rest of your face!) then the CC cream will correct this so you have the appearance of perfect even skin colour.

I did some research and decided that Holika Holika’s Face 2 Change CC Cream would be my first foray into the world of CC creams.

Here’s some info from the PR blurb:

“A multi base with three approved functions including sunscreen effect with SPF32 PA++, wrinkle reducing effect with adenosine, and whitening effect with niacin amide.

Skincare effects with intense moisturising fluid! it improves your skin smoothness with 49% of intense moisturising fluid”

Here’s what the packaging looks like!  It comes in a sleek black and pink squeezy tube!

face 2 change cc cream

Here are close of shots of the packaging and the dispenser!



I was ordering this from the internet so I was taking a bit of gamble when selecting the shades. The face 2 change cc cream comes in 2 shades. 1 in pink beige and 2 in natural beige. I’ve been told I have a pink undertone to my skin so decided that the pink beige would work better for me.

face 2 change cc cream


Here you can see the shots before and after using the face 2 chance cc cream.


Yeah wow! it’s really different!!!!

I’ve been using this cream for over two weeks now, I apply it after my moisturiser and use it to act as a base for my makeup. I don’t personally like to fully cover my face  in makeup, so I only apply it to my problems areas such as my cheeks which are slightly red at times.  I also like to apply the cream on my eyelids and under my eyes as they are usually always a different colour to the rest of my face!

The verdict

If you are looking for complete coverage, I don’t think a CC cream is for you! I see that it is more like a tinted moisturiser or a very very light foundation. I would not consider this a negative though. It does what it says, this cream does colour correct and it really can even out skin tone which in turn means that I can wear less BB cream! I also like that it feels light on your skin.

The only thing is that it doesn’t last on my nose which is the oiliest part of my face! I’ve given up on using the CC cream on my nose as it will just melt away in time. However this cc cream works well for the rest my face!

Holika Holika’s CC cream has worked its way into my daily makeup essentials! So it’s a definite repurchase from me.

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