Innisfree Green tea mist review


Innisfree Green tea mist review

I think I’m becoming some sort of face mist guru. As I’m testing out more products, I can tell the difference between a mist that is just refreshing and a mist that actually moisturises.

innisfree green tea mist

I’ve been using the Innisfree Green Tea mist for about two weeks now. Once as the last steps to my makeup and again at night just before I go to bed.

I was lured by the main ingredient – green tea. It just sounds healthy and good! As directed by the instructions on the canister (not that you really need instructions for a face mist), it says spray whenever your skin feels dry.

If you can make it out from the photo, the ingredients are as follows:


And you know what? I think it really does moisturise the skin! I don’t normally use facial spray at night but sometimes I like to spray my face with this just before I go to bed for the extra boost of moisture if I feel I need a boost.

I like the nozzle as well, it sprays a very fine mist so you do feel very glam when spritzing! It’s a bit of a shame that you can’t see how much product you have left in the canister, but I guess you can get a feel of the weight as it empties out! It’s not like I don’t have some extra facial mists I can use in between waiting to get an opportunity to stock up on this item!

So I say the innisfree green tea mist is definitely worth a repurchase!


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