Iris: Monolid Model – Kim Yuna


Trawling my hard drive I found two random screen caps I made! I have no idea who this is. By the tiny picture above, I’m kinda assuming this is Kim Yuna – she’s a Korean ice skater but I’m not even sure it really is her. So if anyone can ID her, please let me know in the comments.

Anyway the reason I capped these was because:

1. She has single lids! (either that or small eyes with barely there lids!)

2. I like the natural style of her makeup.

She hasn’t overwhelmed her eyes at all.¬†Perhaps a dab of highlighter on her lids and at the corners of her eyes with just a little bit of brown eyeshadow over her lower lash line and uncurled lashes…it’s so minimal!

I find the simplicity is pretty. Don’t feel like you have to dress up your monolids all the time because sometimes simple is best!

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