Iris: Soft Eyes Monolid Tutorial!


I haven’t really been blogging ‘regularly’ for that long so as you can imagine, I am watching my stats to see if anyone is visiting. Apparently I’m not just talking to myself and there are the occasional visitors looking for a few things!

One seems to be ‘GD smoking’. I don’t know why you want to see GD smoking but here is google image search. The other is monolid makeup tutorials! I am by no means an expert but I have been collecting a few articles here and there for my own reference.

I thought I’d share this scan with you that I found. You can see the before picture…yes that is the same person! I’m not lying. Anyway I like this tutorial because it really doesn’t look like she’s wearing thick liquid eyeliner. Sometimes I don’t really want to wear a hard black line on the top of my eyes because it looks too hard and harsh.

Sometimes I want my eyes look much softer and prettier! So this is the perfect tutorial!

On closer inspection –  it looks like she has double lids now!  I think it is because they put fake eyelashes on her. I always find fake eyelashes tends to create a double lid whether you like it or not.

Regardless, I still think you can still follow the same principle when it comes to shading your eyes. Try this!

  • Line your eyes at point C. You can try pat a dark shadow on top of the liner to soften it.
  • Use a darker eyeshadow on the next level at point B (circle).
  • Then you want to highlight above the eyes at point B (star) to create definition!
  • I think you can open your eyes up even more by adding mascara to your lower lashes and softening the line with a darker shadow undernear the lower lash line.

Let me know how it goes for you!

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