KBS World Beauty Bible 2015 Spring and Summer Episode 1


Check out the first episode of KBS World Beauty Bible 2015.

Heads up Beauty Bible fans! The first episode for 2015 is out and it’s hosted by Kwang Hee, Kang Hyoni and Jeon Hyosung!

If you want to get tips, trick and learn about beauty trends from around the world then this show is for you.

  • In the first episode they swipe secret beauty tips from fashion models!
  • Gain gives tips on how she apply makeup! Tip – she makes her eyeliner point down instead of up.
  • Minah from Girl’s Day also is on hand and she dishes out advice on how she keeps her legs from bloating!
  • There’s also a report on Silicone masks from Japan which is popular with men and women. When they went hunting for some in the shops, they had all sold out! It looks like it’s one step up from your sheets masks. You hang it from your ears and it doesn’t fall off.

I really enjoyed watching this show. The hosts are fun and it’s a relaxing show to watch. I don’t know why! I even find that watching beauty tutorials are a nice way of chilling out. Anyway give this show a whirl if you’re looking for something to watch!

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  1. LOL! whoops sorry! This is me lazily blogging because all I’m doing right now is watching a lot of youtube videos!!!

    Good luck for your exams though! 😀 I hope they finish quickly!!

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