Kekkon Shinai


I’ve started watching Kekkon Shinai (Unmarried) and I must say it’s a beautiful looking drama. It also has that very nice ‘slice of life’ feeling that I only really get when I watch Japanese dramas. 

The story revolves around a 35 year old unmarried woman and all the ‘pitfalls’ and questions that come along with it. You have Tamaki Hiroshi and Kanno Miho in this! Seriously two of my favourite actors together. It’s bliss!

Now I’m not actually going to talk about the drama yet!

I have no idea who is responsible for the set dressing and entire LOOK but it’s really lovely. Maybe it’s because there are so many flowers!

The main character’s home is also lovely and looks so cosy looking! (another reason why I love watching jdramas! I love seeing how they decorate!)

I am generally a fan of that natural airy light look with lots of plants around! It’s such a sweet look.

Absolutely perfect little touches here and there!

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