Kyuhyun At Gwanghwamun


Kyuhyun At Gwanghwamun

I didn’t actually know how badly that I wanted to hear a solo from Kyuhyun until I heard this song. His voice is absolutely beautiful – so crystal clear.

To be honest, I feel even trying to write a review of this song is redundant. All you need to do is hit play on this video and you’ll understand why it was an ALL KILL in the charts.

It’s also one of those songs where you don’t need to look up the lyrics to know what it is about! The feeling is all in the voice already.

In celebration of the song’s success, Kyuhyun went to Gwanghwamun (yes it’s a real place! It’s all on wiki!) and serenaded two people who looked lonely. SO LUCKY!

And you haven’t already blubbed reading the letter that Kyuhyun’s father wrote to him, have a read! It’s very touching and sweet.

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