Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex Review


Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex review

The beautiful Song Hye Kyo brought the Laneige brand to my attention a couple of years ago. As like many Asian beauty products, I’ve only ever come across this brand at airports! One product that I’ve time and time again stared at and wondered ‘what it is about?’; is the laneige water sleeping pack. I think the product itself is pretty self explanatory. It’s a face cream you put on whilst you sleep!

laneige water sleeping pack

There’s not a lot of description on the box but it says it is suitable for all skin types, will give you crystal clear skin and hydrate the skin with water science…whatever that is.

I found some promotional material which explains the product further – the cream itself has a ‘sleep scent’ contained which helps to relax you whilst you sleep. Sounds lovely!


For some reason I could only buy this in a duo pack from the airport but never mind that, I really wanted to try this on a long haul flight. I do get very concerned about my skin on long haul flights as I usually will either get really dry skin or develop spots. I figured this would be the ideal product to keep my skin hydrated.

In the past I have used sheet face masks on aeroplanes BUT it can be a bit awkward especially when the air hostess comes over to you and starts asking if you want peanuts while you look like a crazy!

So the good thing about the laniege sleeping mask is that you can cream it on your face and it doesn’t look like there’s anything on your face. It’s more like a gel which sits on your skin. Throughout the night your skin absorbs all the goodness. Then when you wake up, you can wash it off!

Here’s what the gel looks like in its container.


I really like the idea of this product and I’m glad to say that it worked wonders on a 12 hour flight! My skin was kept hydrated and I did not break out. I haven’t really noticed if my skin is brighter. In the mornings, I find that my skin feels very moisturised and baby soft! I’ve tried two other sleeping masks prior to this one and I definitely think the laneige water sleeping pack is my favourite.

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