Melo Moments: Full House 2


I’ve recently started watching Full House 2. I was very apprehensive about this drama.. Having seen 3 episodes I think I can safely say that the plot is nothing like the first series!!! It does not feel like a full on remake at all. 

The main girl is Taekwondo/fashion stylist (yes go figure) and there two leading men are idols! So far so good except for one thing…

I can distill belief for a lot of dramas but there’s one thing I can’t comprehend. How on earth the female lead is considered a good fashion stylist!!?! If she had any sense of style, surely she’d get rid of that hair! It makes Hwang Jung Eum look so frumpy. She must get a make over somewhere along the way because….this can’t be what she has for the rest of the episodes. 

See this is what she looks like when she’s got lovely hair and styled correctly!

I suspect the men are going to transform her in some way. They’ll have the cheesy scene where she’s changing into different outfits and they’re shaking their head until….she looks amazing. Why do I say this? Because that’s the kdrama way!



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