Monolid Makeup: Girl’s day Minah


Monolid Makeup Inspiration – Minah

Looking for monolid makeup inspiration? I’ve found another Kpop celebrity with monolids! It’s Girl’s Day Minah!

Here she is with no heavy eye make up at all. So let’s see what you can do!

girls day minah

A dash of peachy eyeshadow, liner on the top and bottom and falsies makes a difference! I don’t think she’s wearing tape below. I always find false lashes create a bit of a crease in the lid whether you like it or not.

girls day minah

For a more natural look! You can keep it light and natural! Monolid eye makeup doesn’t always have to be heavy (CL I’m looking at you now!)

girls day minah

And my favourite look is this one! BRIGHT orange/peach around the eyes with a dark liner! It’s fresh and gives your eyes a bit more pizzazz!

girls day minah

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