Music: Let’s Talk About Love review


I’ve finally listened to Seungri’s album and given it a very good listening to. What’s my final verdict?

1. Let’s Talk About Love

I always judge songs by their intros. If they get me at the intro, then they’ve pretty much got me for the rest of the song! Let’s Talk About Love is one of them. There’s something about those chords which build up to a crescendo at the start of the song that just gets me!

Seungri does not hide his love for Justin Timberblake what so ever! And even though I can tell he’s inspired by him (let’s take it to chorus!), it doesn’t spoil it at all. Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t listened to JT in years so I can’t tell if Seungri’s put an original spin on it. Either way I’m enjoying it!

Gdragon and Taeyang make an appearance in this song. They compliment the song and fit in well. It was a really nice surprise to hear Taeyang rap! It’s fresh. I hope he gets more time to rap on Bigbang’s albums too (Top will have to take over the singing!).

I’m not at all fluent in Korean so the most memorable word for me out of the whole song was ‘bitch’. There was something quite irksome about it. It does not ruin my enjoyment of the song but yes, no smart woman wants to be called ‘bitch’ especially by a guy who seems to be trying to get somewhere with her!

2. Gotta Talk To U

When I first heard this song, the softness reminded me of GD’s THAT XX. However it’s really not like that at all.  Although the backing track sounds at times quite frantic, the vocals are really pretty. I’d say it was like a soft electronic dream like dance track.

The hook to the song is ‘I’m a hustler hustling…hustler hustling’. I didn’t realise it was in English for ages. I thought it was some very random gibberish which made it sound very cool!

It’s a really catchy song that you won’t really understand why you like until it gets stuck in your head!

3. GG BE

Ah the many facets of Seungri. If the first songs were about his adult side, I think GG BE showcases his fun and playful side. It’s a bright and cute sounding song!  It’s enjoyable to listen to and I can’t even think of how to describe this song. It’s a bit like a bouncy walk in the park about a girl who’s a bit of player it seems!

One of my favourite tracks.

3. Come to My

This is a slower track! A little depressing perhaps. It’s nice but I prefer the other songs.

4. You Hooooo!

By the title, I was expecting something seriously camp! (don’t tell me you weren’t thinking that too!). Instead of a campfest, we have another beat bursting song! His voice sounds really great at the parts where he sings ‘GIRL, HEY HEY HEYYYYY’ and the ‘YOU HOOs’ are so catchy. I woke up one morning and the ‘YOU HOOs’ were the first thing that came to my head.

I guess if I have to sum it up, it’s the ‘getting ready’ song you blast when you want to call your friends for a party!

4. Love Box.

Oh so many innuendoes could be had with just this song title, but I’m not going go there! This is a really sweet and pretty song.

I think that’s all the songs! Trying to find a song list, I found out that Celine Dion also has a release called ‘Let’s Talk About Love‘. Someone should do a mash up! Talk about taking two different perspectives lol. 

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