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instant numa

Instant Numa / Instant Swamp (2009)

Starring: Kumiko Aso and Ryo Kase.

Plot: When Haname’s mother falls into a coma, Haname Jinchoge discovers that her real father is working in a strange antique shop nearby. With her curiosity pique, she pays him a visit, telling him that she’s a distant relative.  Soon she finds herself working at the shop and gradually gets to know him.

The Verdict

I went into the movie not knowing anything about the plot. Having now seen it, it is a really strange movie to describe! It has the feel of a slice of life slow burning film that you often get with Japanese movies. It’s something you sit down and let unfold and yet at the same time, it keeps you on your toes! It’s fun and quirky (the ending might be to the point of ridiculous!!) but for me, I really enjoy that kind of film.

I’m such a fan of Kumiko Aso! She’s a wonderful actress that I saw in another movie called ‘Otonari’ (one of my favourite movies!). She’s so engaging to watch as well as Ryo Kase and the rest of the cast.

So if you’re bored on a Sunday, I think INSTANT NUMA is a nice fun movie to relax with.

For fashionistas! I really loved the fashion style of Haname! The colour palettes they used for her wardrobe consisted of lovely greens and yellow, bright necklaces and a lot of floral prints.

Chunky necklaces and floral prints! (accessorise with a Punk)

instant swamp

It’s giving me a lot of cool ideas for the summer!

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