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These days I don’t really fancy disposable fashion. I want to buy things that will last me a long time and I find that the quality of the products at & Other Stories is top notch. I also love how the designs and silhouettes are so clean and simple yet at the same time still on trend.

It’s been a while since I paid a visit to my favourite clothes store. Here are a few things that took my fancy!

First off the bat is the embroidered grey sweater dress. I love graphical motifs on clothes. It makes things more unique and fun. I really wanted to get this but being only 5ft 1 (and a half!) this dress is so much longer on me. In conjunction with my shortness, I also run the risk of looking like a child! So I pulled myself together and left this on the rack. Sad times.

& other stories

I also adored the relaxed geometry dress. It looks so good on the mannequin! It’s a bit unfortunate you can’t see the detail of the print from my picture below but it’s cute! It’s the type of dress I can run around in and still look reasonably put together.

& other stories

I’m also a big fan of & Other Stories body lotions and potions. They really know how to make a scent work. I’ve already reviewed their Shinjuku Bloom body lotion and since then, I’ve purchased their body scrubs, hand lotions and souffles multiple times! I think I haven’t raved about them enough to be honest. I always get compliments when someone gets a whiff of me wearing the hand and body lotions.

At the moment, I’ve been using & Other Stories Mediterraneen Body Souffle. The Souffle has a much thicker consistency to body lotion. This stuff smells so citrusy and fresh. It’s also super moisturizing.

& other stories

Other things that caught my eye was the Anti Stress Sleeping Masque. I’m not stressed, but I like the idea of relaxing and being soothed. It’s perfect for pampering nights. I am also curious as to how European sleeping masks fair compared to Asian ones.

& other stories

Another product is the Anti-Stress Serum! There’s something a little luxurious about dropping serum on your skin with a dropper. I would like to try using this on the go when I’m in a stressful situation like commuting in rush hour.

& other stories

Ok here’s a run down of everything.



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