Park Bom’s Face Spray Mist is all the rage



Beauty Tip! Park Bom’s Face Spray

On SBS’s latest variety show ROOMMATES, 2ne1’s Park Bom has been spotted spritzing herself  (and her fellow roommates) with a special mist. Apparently this special mist is used by many of her actor friends as a way to slim down the face! So exactly what brand is Park Bom’s face spray?

Park Bom Face Spray

After some investigation (namely Google!) the rumoured mystery face mist is apparently ‘The History of Whoo Soo Yeon Mist’. This special mist contains a blend of  Chubgkilksudan and Eunhasu herbal ingredients, which is said to help hydrate, brighten and clarify the skin. Sounds lovely!

Park Bom Face spray

When your skin is feeling dry, you are meant to hold the spray approximately 20cm from the face and then gently mist the water over your face for instant hydration!

It apparently also makes a fabulous microphone for those times when you’re dancing around your room…don’t pretend you don’t do that too.

Park Bom Face Spray

Apparently Bom’s influence has been so strong that this Soo Yeon Mist has sold out in Korea! However if you’re in the UK, you can actually buy it from amazon!

Affiliate link: You can check out’s History of Whoo’s products. They don’t seem to have the mist but you never know!

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