Monolid Model: Park Ji Hye


Famous models with monolids

Did you notice the beautiful Park Ji Hye has monolids? Probably not! Here she is with a fellow monolidder GD in their Vogue shoot.  I think the dramatic shading around her eyes (and even over her aegyo sal!) makes such a difference!

park ji hye

Take a close up look! Keeping the eyes simple with brown eyeshadow, it’s not too heavy. Lashes are kept to a minimum with barely there eyeliner!

I could be here forever trawling for more cool makeup ideas! but I’ll leave you with one last picture of Ji Hye! A really pretty smoky eyes look for monolids.  It really brings out the brown in her eyes. I have never tried a really dark shade like this but I’m definitely going to be experimenting.

park ji hye


I really should look into Asian supermodels! I’m pretty sure the monolid is a feature that is embraced more in the West than in Asian media. Do you know anymore famous Asian supermodels with monolids? Who are your favourites? Do let me know in the comments!

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