Perfect hair styles


The hunt for perfect hair styles

Have you ever been in that situation where you you book an appointment for the perfect hair cut and then realise you don’t actually know what you want?

Growing up, I’ve had my fair share of haircuts! Some good and some bad. Yeah so there was this one time that I had mullet….anyway….for the past couple of years, long hair has been my default hairdo of choice! In my mind, I’m aiming for something that’s pretty and cute – similar to Kashiyuka of Perfume and Park Bom of 2NE1!

Fringes (or bangs to my American friends!) are a great way to soften and frame a face! It’s also oh so youthful!

At a push I would say both these looks are obtainable but it takes ages to grow it to that length! I don’t think I’ve ever had waist length hair. I don’t have the patience for it. Although it looks great,  I think once I grow it chest level, I start feeling a bit gross and in need of a hair cut. It’s like a weight of the world is being carried in my follicles!

perfect hair

BUT in my mind, long hair is so versatile! Have you seen all those amazing perfect hair tutorials that turn up on pinterest? I would seriously love to walk around with my hair up like this! Me and my diva hair do walking down the street, oh yeah!

But seriously WHO HAS THE TIME TO DO THIS? ok maybe in my case, who has the time to sit down and actually patiently read words (yes reading words is hard) digest them and then construct something amazing and pretty like this?

Not me! I can’t even wrap a square box, how do you figure I would do creating this bad boy?

Then there’s another hairstyle which I absolutely love! But I think it’s probably very high maintenance. It’s that long diva bouffant! It’s wavy and thick and looks so glamorous! Think Hyuna. Oh to be dazzling!

perfect hair

I interrupt this post because I just want to post a picture of Suzy because she’s Suzy and she is an example of someone with perfect hair!

But again, patience to get my hair to grow that long wears thin and soon I want to feel fresh and free again – which means it’s getting a chop! HOORAY.

I’ve also decided it’s high time that I give my hair and my hoover a break! (I find my hair drops out so much more with long hair!). My new hairstyle of choice, at least for this summer is the BOB!

Easy to keep, elegant and feminine! Kiko Muzihara is the perfect example of a woman who has found her signature look with a bob.

If you look at her photo shoots it also goes to show how versatile the bob is. You can wave it, tie it up, wear it straight, slick it back! You can go from casual and cool, to formal and chic!

kiko hair

Yes one can only hope I will turn into Kiko after my haircut! Fingers crossed. ;P


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