Perfume – 2nd World Tour in London Concert Review


I saw PERFUME in London on Friday at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire!

They were so wonderful to watch. It was a totally different kind of experience to watching idols in a good way! (less screaming for starters) Interesting, totally different crowd and atmosphere.


The show was broadcast in 10 countries across the world so I’m hoping there’s going to be a DVD of it!!!

I had an amazing spot!!! It wasn’t at the front but I stood on the highest step of the sound stage so basically I was the tallest person in the concert! NO ONE was blocking my view.


If I were to describe it, it was like massively cute nightclub where everyone just loves music and wants to have fun! It was so far from that feeling of normal clubs – you know a little rowdy and like a meat market. Everyone was just there to enjoy the music, jump up and down and have fun.

The lighting and graphic projections were amazing. I shouldn’t have expected anything less. I particularly liked the way the graphics were projected to light up their dresses and create all kinds of illusions. It was a real visual treat!


The dancing was of course absolutely on point! A girl next to me pointed out that the choreographer was also there to watch proceedings.


I’m just so happy to say that I finally saw CHOCOLATE DISCO live!!!!!



The girls were just adoraaaable!! I just like how girly they are about everything! Right down to their merchandising. Usually concert t-shirts are not very feminine looking at all but they had a cool graphic design which I would totally wear in public!



And I wasn’t expecting it but An chan nearly made me cry when she was talking. She was really moved and was talking (in her own simple english) about how she could feel everyone’s passion and how we are united by music.

I was thinking more than music, yes, people are the same, people can love the same thing no matter where in the world you are. Let’s not think about difference, let’s think about what we have in common. Let’s hold hands people!

So in all in all, it was a really great night. I feel so lucky! The venue was SO SMALL compared to what they would normally play e.g. Tokyo Dome! If you ever get the chance -it is seriously worth going to these intimate gigs! You won’t get this kind of experience in Japan.

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