Quinoderm cream review


Here’s a Quinoderm cream review.

After a TERRIBLE facial that I had in Singapore (if you must know! I asked for an extraction and….oh gooood….my face had exploded into a big zit breeding ground) I was on a desperate hunt for spot treatment that would just do the business.

I was pretty lucky this time round, after a quick google, I read some reviews on a cream called ‘Quinoderm’ . The best thing about it was that I could find a tube in Boots for only £2.15!

Well at that price, it’s worth a try!


  • Please note that you need to ask at the counter because it is an acne treatment.
  • It is quite strong! I was prepared for this as I had heard this was very drying to the skin. You may notice your skin flaking a little. To counter that I was warmed with a good moisturising cream.
  • As I mentioned it is strong and with that……it can sting! So do take care and do not be tempted to over apply it.

I used this for around 2-3 weeks. It does say apply it twice a day, but because it is so drying and strong, I only used it at night. I had some horrible red bumps but after applying a little over time, the zits have gone down so much.

In conjunction with that, I’ve been keeping my skin routine VERY SIMPLE and wearing as little makeup as possible. It helps!


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