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Remember last month I was all a tizzy about Ray Malaysia coming out? Well I subscribed in the end and today I received the October issue in post. What a great day!

It has a lovely front cover of Karina and I was very taken with the colour of her hair. So gorgeous! It had a tinge more red/pink/orange and looked very warm. Though I must apologise about the picture (must have got a little photoshop happy) it does not look as brown as the picture below.


After a quick flick through, what I’ve picked out is that apparently ‘Cool Britannia’ is one of the big autumn trends. I can’t see myself getting into that myself. Sorry as much as I love the UK (it’s my home after all), I really wouldn’t want to parade around in the Union Jack. It’s a little cheesy!

It has also been brought to my attention that in regards to showing a little cleavage, the maximum amount of exposure should be 1 cm and no more! It makes me laugh at how precise this measurement is. Who thinks of this stuff?

At any rate, I think the subscription is well worth the money. Much better to be able to read and enjoy the articles than buy a super expensive Japanese magazines and just stare at the pictures (which is what I used to do! I’d buy old issues and use them as reference even though they were months old!)

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