The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk review


The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk

As someone who has been lazily using cleansing oils to remove every inch of my make up, yes even forsaking eye makeup remover and just to do it all in once go. I figured I needed to take more care in being gentle with my makeup removal. I decided to test out The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk. I had tried it in the shop and really liked how it made my skin feel soft and  my skin looked noticeably brighter! I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination so I bought it and took it home!

rice water bright cleansing milk

This cleansing milk contains rice extract which is said to be good for brightening, tightening skin pores, softening the skin and reducing fine lines (amongst many other things!). If I’d known this, I would have saved all that water I used for washing the rice! Ah well, now I have it in a handy bottle!

For the curious here are the ingredients for the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk!


In the below photo you can see the before and after using the cleansing milk! The top image shows my arm after testing a load of different products for this website!

Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk

The bottom image is after using the milk only. The skin feels much smoother and looks brighter!

However it couldn’t remove all off the eyeliner (for your information this is the pen liner from 3 concept eyes which is awesome!). I feel that I would need to use a separate eye makeup remover for this. I do not feel that I can rely on this cleansing milk on its own!

Normally I use about two pumps of cream and spread it over my face. I’m not sure if i’ve fully converted back to using cleansing milk. I just can’t believe I’ve removed everything! There is an accompanying rice water to use to wipe off the excess makeup. Even then, I still feel like I need to really ensure it’s all over and wash with a face wash.

Having said that, I still really like this cleansing milk. It smells lovely and it makes my skin feel and look good! I use it once a day in the evenings as the 2nd stage in my makeup removal routine. Then finish it off with a foaming face wash to ensure my skin is totally clean!

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5 thoughts on “The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk review”

  1. Hi Kate!
    Yes you totally can use it for morning and evening.

    I would say this is probably perfect if you don’t normally wear makeup. It can get off everyday dirt (rather than heavy duty waterproof makeup e.t.c). It also feels really nice and I think it makes your skin feel softer!

  2. Thanks! U answered so fast. How about the cleasing cream and cleasing foam? How different between 3 of those products?

  3. No worries! I live on the internet! kkk.

    I haven’t used the cleansing cream but it’s of a thicker consistency to the milk. So my guess is if you want a more heavy duty deep cleanse then use the cream version.

    The foam…not used yet either (I’m about to though!! I just finished the other wash I was using) The foam you would use as a last step in the cleansing routine. So after you use the milk or the cream, then you use the foam to wash everything off! That’s what they call double cleansing. I hope that helps!

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