Snack #1: Ppushu Ppushu


Here in the UK, we have many kinds of supermarkets that cater to our little pockets of international communities. I’ve decided from time to time I want try some new snacks from around the world and review them (there goes the diet!).

So here’s the first snack which I found in a local Korean supermarket – Ppushu Ppushu. It is a dried instant ramen type of snack.


I would never have tried this in a million years. From the outside packet, it just looks like instant noodle. I don’t think anyone really thinks about eating instant ramen dry like that (do they?). However after some investigating I found out that this is actually a snack that you eat as it is! There’s no boiling involved at all. In the words of Keanu Reeves (from just about all his movies) ‘Whoa’.

So what do you do with Ppushu ppushu?

As you can see, there is a boy on the packet welding a giant hammer. The suggested way of eating this is to do the same and crush the ramen into smaller pieces! I recommend setting the hammer aside and use your hands instead so you do not completely pulverize your ramen snack into smithereens.

Once crushed, you should see a small packet inside which contains flavoured powder! Mine was BBQ! Next step, you pour the powder over the pieces and shake it about in the bag to get good coverage.

Your snack is then ready to devour!

The verdict

 I was very attracted to the novelty of crushing and eating a powdered ramen. The powder is tasty but at the end of the day, it feels wrong is to eat dried ramen like that! Maybe I didn’t cover my bits of ramen well or maybe I need to try a different flavour.  It just wasn’t doing it for me.

Rating: The diet is in no danger of being disturbed.

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