South Korean adverts – Who is selling you what?


I stumbled onto some scans of CECI magazine which is a South Korean magazine! I was really interested in the adverts as there were some celebrity endorsements that I did not know about!

So let’s take a look what the bold and the beautiful people of Korea are advertising!

South Korean Adverts

You’ve got blonde Taeyang posing for Calvin Klien’s CKONE. I feel like we will never see his mohawk (the normal one) again. I’m sad about it.

YOU ARE MY DESTINY….Kim Soo Hyun is the face of a brand called BEYOND. I’ve never heard of them before! It seems they are very environmentally sound though which is always a good thing!  It would seem that Beyond might be connected with this US brand. Are they one and the same? Answers on a postcard.

Lee Min Ho for Innisfree!

And Yoona also for Innisfree!

Oh man, it’s Lee Min Ho AGAIN but this time he is advertising all things cosy and denim for GUESS. Well I am not a fan of denim AND denim but he is kind of working it!


Girls Generation for BABY G (oh….they’re still 9 members here! *cries*)


Shin Min Ah endorsing some jewellery! She is perfection.

Love Suzy too! Absolutely no idea what this advert is about. It makes me think she’s endorsing sanitary towels e.t.c. If it’s not that then I’ll take my second guess as MINTS.

Oh wait…it must be bubble gum! The hint is in the picture of a girl blowing gum.

The JUNG sisters team up for fashion brand ‘LA PALATTE’ Jessica’s eyebrows are perfect!!

And we’ll end this with Park Shin Hye endorsing MAMONDE!!!

I have no experience with Mamonde products however this reminds me of their awesome commercial  for anti ageing cream starring Siwon of Super Junior. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one with english subs! But I thought this advert was really clever and different. Usually you have adverts selling you beauty and packaging it in an aspirational way. I’ve never seen an advert which does it in a CREEPY way like the one below. Check it out!


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  1. Straight brows – I think that’s the one trend I can’t really follow as much as I think it looks SUPER pretty. I have to embrace my arch! it’s not going away!

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