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3 concept eyes

Did you know that Korean fashion brand Style Nanda had their own makeup line – 3 Concept Eyes? I feel like it is only recently that I’ve become aware of their products through the slow drip feed of images that I’ve seen on instagram. I think I’ve been brain washed into¬†wanting as many products from them as possible!

It all started with this product, the 3 concept Eyes magic touch face maker. I don’t really have any contouring products at the moment so I was looking for something new to try. It works as a highlighter in areas that you want to create dimension and also includes a slightly darker palette for shading.


3 concept eyes

I usually buy all my products from Gmarket as it’s quite often the most cost effective way for buying them. However for some reason, I cannot buy 3CE from there! I think it’s fine if you live in Korea but anywhere else is a no no!

I think my best bet would have been to order from, the prices are slightly more expensive but if you’re only interested in one product then I think it’s ok. However they did not sell this product! So I headed over to the official Style Nanda website!

Oh my word. It was like a revelation!

There are so many products I want to try. It’s a really well done website with beautifully shot photographs which are very useful for consumers. Definitely done in a beauty blogger’s style! They give you the swatches on skin and show you what the colours look like with the flash on and off. It must be one of the reasons why I don’t really see that many indepth reviews about 3ce! They already have the pictures you want.

And look how beautiful the lip gloss images are! Naturally the¬†models make the makeup look so good, so I can’t really give my final deduction until I can test the products on myself.

I’m very curious about their creamy lipsticks. Lately I’m seeing a lot of orange makeup. I’m guessing it’s the trend colour for the season. It’s bright and fresh!

Other products I’m going to test out are the cream blusher!

And because I can’t resist highlighters and all things that make your skin look amazing – I’m trying out the highlight beam which can be used on your face and on the body.


I did feel like a lot of the products on there were about making the skin look at translucent as possible which is perfect for me! I’m on a mission to try and achieve a perfect skin look. A lot of the skin products looked quite shiny so that you get a dewy look which is lovely but I know that it doesn’t really suit my skin because I have oily skin/combination!

So the high light beam seemed more suitable for me as the highlight looks natural!

Another thing I love about the style nanda site is that it gives you some interesting and pretty ideas for makeup! Look a monolid model.

I also really love the pinkish/orange shading around the eyes in the picture below. It looks really pretty and natural.

I ended up ordering a bunch of things from the official site which I will be reviewing (as I haven’t found that many indepth reviews on 3ce yet). It worked out well ordering from there since shipping is free if you order about $200. For me that was quite easy to do! Ah seriously, I am going to try and be more thrifty. I want to. I must!

Prepare to be brain washed and visit the official Style Nanda website. There’s nothing to worry about as it’s all in English and has great product descriptions to tell you what everything does and excellent photos to help you choose the right colours for you!

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