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I thought I’d do an update on ‘The Producers’. I am properly enjoying it now since all the character relationships have started to kick in.

the producers

As far as love lines go, I don’t actually quite know who I’m rooting for. I think I’d be happy if either couple ends up together. I love Gyo Ho Jin’s character. ¬†She’s so fun and lively. I think her and Seung Chan could work but she doesn’t seem to notice him which could be a problem.

I’ve never seen IU act in anything. By all accounts, you shouldn’t like her character but I think she brings a nice human touch to the cold Cindy. I think if I could have any singing voice (because my current one pretty much sucks!) I’d want IU’s voice. So pretty!

I really find Kim Hyun Soo so HILARIOUS. I don’t know why but I just love blank dead pan characters like Beak Seung Chan. He doesn’t express a lot and YET he’s so obvious with his feelings. He always ends up doing something so unexpected like when he was passionately belting out a tune at the karaoke bar.

I really have to think about what the next drama is going to be since this run is supposed to be really short! *cries*. I wish it was longer.

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3 thoughts on “The Producers update”

  1. I wish Cha Tae Hyun got more love in this drama! I feel like he has been pushed aside by the other 3 leads, which makes me really sad since he is one of my favorite actors!

  2. I have to confess, I’ve not seen him in anything but My Sassy Girl and his stint on running man (which is one of my favs!!) I guess with Kim Soo Hyun being the male lead darling of dramas these days, Cha Tae Hyun is getting less love. I think a lot of people are really fixated on the Cindy and Seung Chan romance as well. It seems to be the most popular ship…just judging from comments!

  3. Well, actually I never realize that it was such short drama so when I found out “complete” on my usual dramaweb a was so shock
    Quite disappointed though, they leave the romantic move on the air, but if I were the one on production, I would do the same. The casts were too good!!!
    joon bal was such a kind of old friend I wish I had. QUirky, caring and dependable
    Seung Chan was a boring man, if not for his look I would hate him (kidding) XD) but his way to revenge was super funny and adorkable <3 <3 <3
    Ye bal, well, Seung Chan described her very right
    Cindy, I started love her (well, at first I was like "what's withe her???") and found out that she can be cute too!!!
    Still hard to accept the fact that I couldn't watch it again next week

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