Vogue Girl Korea featuring A Style For You


A Style For You

I was flicking through the May edition of Vogue Girl Korea and up popped this lovely editorial featuring the gang from ‘A Style For You.’

Everyone is looking pretty!

A Style For You

I don’t know whether I actually like anything they’re wearing but they just pull it off.

Hara rocking the barely there socks and sandals look!

I wish I could rock the orange haired look but I think after a while I will really miss having dark hair. I don’t think I want to go through the process of bleaching and frying my hair. I want to keep it as glossy as possible.

I don’t think these shorts do anything for Hani! The colour is beautiful but they look slightly daiper-ish! Seriously though, are socks and Jesus sandals a thing now?

Loving the gladiator flatform fusion look that Bora’s wearing.

Heechul is basically an anomaly. This shouldn’t work….the ajummah hair…the everything….but because he is Heechul. He can pull it off.

Love Hara’s colour block top with crazy island print!

Are you still watching A Style For You? I don’t actually think I’m really learning anything about styling or fashion per se but I still think it’s a nice show to chill out to. I’m a bit sad that it’s ending with just 12 episodes but I can always watch Beauty Bible (another show I’m enjoying)

My favourite episode of ‘A Style for You’ is the one where they met the British youtuber and they were trying out UK foods like marmite (I think Heechul was pretty disgusted at its existence). I would actually love if they featured them trying out global food e.t.c. Culture clashing programmes are really interesting to watch.

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8 thoughts on “Vogue Girl Korea featuring A Style For You”

  1. ahh thanks for sharing ^^ I’m so in love with reading magazines from asia, but it’s so freaking difficult to get one >.< and I've never heard of the show ''a style for you'' but it sounds pretty interesting to me hehe. I'm currently ''styleless'' cuz i'm trying to grow my hair long. so, no matter what i wear, it looks always terrible with my awkward hairstyle :'')


  2. I am also really enjoying this show. It is so fun to watch my fav is Heechul he just makes the show. I love his wacky style and his facial expressions.

  3. He has so much sass! I love it. He’s a great mc too. I also thought I’d get sick of Hani since she is everywhere but I love her too

  4. No worries! I actually subscribed to it via newstand apple so I get it delivered to my ipad every month! so hi tech!!! I can’t read a word of Korean but the editorials really are awesome!!!!

    ah growing out the hair! I hear you. I’m sure you have style! If it’s you in your icon then definitely! because I’m not actually sure if the pic is a celebrity I don’t know. haha

    A Style For you is subbed by KBS WORLD! So it’s on youtube already if you ever want to check it out!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfiVLAgqWHI

  5. From all the mc’s Hara is my least favourite. After seeing Heechul in this I hope he does more shows and a drama. What is it about Korean shows they are so addictive, I don’t even speak or understand Korean I just have to find English subbed shows.

  6. Hara is just never there! She’s always a cardboard cut out because she’s touring in Japan (I think!) haha.

    I’ve never actually seen Heechul in a drama before although I do know he was actually wanting to be an actor before a singer. I really enjoyed him in the International version of ‘We Got Married’. It bums me that I never saw him in Super show 5! (the only suju con I’ve been to).

    Korean shows are amazing! I really love their sense of humour especially. They make me laugh so much.

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