We Got Married Siwon and Liu Wen


 We Got Married Siwon and Liu Wen

We Got Married Siwon and Liu Wen

I had absolutely no intention of watching this but I stumbled on these english subs on youtube and got quickly sucked into the vortex of the Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ featuring Asian supermodel Liu Wen and Super Junior’s King of Dork, Siwon Choi.

They seem like a really well matched couple, both extremely good looking, sometimes awkward and sometimes dorky! What a combination.

I have to say Siwon always seems like the guy who is too good to be true. Is there anything he can’t do? He even notices small things like Liu Wen dyeing her hair from brown to black.

If you want to catch them on the Chinese version of We Got Married, you can find them subbed on youtube!

In the first episode, they meet each other for the first time and dance together.

In the 2nd episode, they go view blossoms and Siwon surprises her with a lovely dinner!

In the 3rd episode, they take do a photo shoot together!

It’s all super cute. Could they beat my favs Heechul and Puff in terms of watchability? It seems it could be so!

We Got Married Siwon and Liu Wen subbed by alvin good girl on youtube.

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2 thoughts on “We Got Married Siwon and Liu Wen”

  1. I just can’t see the idea of these shows… Maybe it’s to give dating time for idols LOL ! But it seems always so forced, scripted and most importantly awkward to me…

  2. I enjoy it because it’s taking two strangers and then watching them get to know each other and become good friends. The fact that they are getting fake married and the scenarios that they get thrown into are just the devices to bring them together and have an adventure together. So yes, the missions and scenarios are scripted but I don’t think they’re acting.

    You can’t fake goodbyes like this! no no no! 😀 (this is Heechul and Puff!)


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