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With a longer commute into work, there’s nothing better than unwinding with some variety shows before the start of a working day. This is what I’ve been watching on the train recently!

Running Man

There have been times when I have felt that Running Man is losing its magic touch. I don’t laugh out loud as much as I used to. I also really miss watching the traditional chases they used to do (although to be honest I don’t think I could handle weekly chases like that either.) However last week’s episode was a goodun! I really enjoyed Bigbang’s recent appearance on Running Man. It’s been a long time seeing them in variety and it was also great having a game based on a car race!

However the best thing about that episode for me was when Kwang Soo stripped Kim Jong Kook. I love watching this antagonistic pair!

I’m also looking forward to seeing Song Jong Ki’s appearance on the next episode. He was such a great addition to the original line up.  I do wish he’d come back more.

The Genius

It’s literally painful having to wait for new episodes of Crime Scene. Therefore in order to bide my time, I went on the hunt for some new variety shows which could leave me in the same kind of suspense and get me thinking; and up came a show called ‘The Genius.’

It’s a game of 13 contestants and each episode involves different games in which 1 contestant must be eliminated. It’s very mind gamey! There’s a lot of deals going on, alliances and betrayal of the alliances. I don’t know what going on most of the time, but I’m enjoying it so far!

If you want your mind boggled, I definitely recommend this show.



Youtube is a dangerous place! You watch one video and then it automatically suggests more videos that you’d probably like to see. Well for some reason the BuzzFeedViolet channel popped up in my suggestions.

I…love…them. They’re little snippety slice of life videos which are completely relatable like the one below.

I wish the episodes were much longer-, no scratch that. I wish it was an actual TV drama. I would indeed watch the hell out of it.

I also stumbled on some couple called Andrew and Ashley. They are apparently very popular amongst regular viewers! They must be like the Ross and Rachel of the buzz feed world.

The Trews

So Russell Brand has a youtube channel called ‘The Trews.’ He talks about anything and everything that tickles his fancy. He’s got a real talent for spinning out words. It’s almost as if he swallowed a dictionary. I wish I could talk like that but I don’t think I could pull it off!

Are there any good youtube channels you’re watching? Let me know!

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